Welcome! I greet you in the victorious name of our Lord, Savior, and returning King,  Jesus Christ! 

It is by divine appointment today that you have entered into the recovery zone.  His Kingdom Reality! This is a ministry of service birthed out of travail, severe loss and broken pieces - whose mandate is to reach all those trapped in the cave of Adullum places of their lives.  If you find yourself in distress, in debt, discontented and without hope, then the message of deliverance and victory through Jesus Christ is for you!

 My destiny assignment through this valley ministry is to empower, encourage, restore,  change and transform lives through prayer, teaching deliverance and the Word of God.  Everything you have gone through in your life is significant and purposeful to get you to a place called Destiny.  God still has His hands on you, and there is room for a miracle.

 Remember with Jesus Christ all things are possible; and through Him, all things are restored.  Be encouraged, be blessed!

Loving you in Christ,



Jesus loves you

Our Mission

To reveal God’s love through His Son Jesus Christ for His greatest creation – mankind.  We purpose to always walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ with compassion and love that others may see only Him, touched by Him, healed by Him and yes, receive deliverance and provision by Him.

Our Vision

Life Coaching

​Are you stuck going around the mountain of same thoughts, same habits and same stinking thinking that affect every area of your life and relationships? We want to coach you into the “new you” as designed by  Your Creator, Father God. We provide individual or group coaching tailored to your specific need. If you are willing and ready to move forward to live your destiny, contact us so we can get started on unveiling the “new you!”

To seek, restore and release the lost sons of God through the love of Jesus Christ.

"For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect... (Hebrew 3:10)"

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Women of Faith Camp Meeting 2012

October 4th –7th