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Audrey P. Hosley is in love with Yeshua Messiah and was born to birth dreams, visions, and destinies. She is the founder of His Kingdom Reality, Rising Women Ministries, and Kingdom Financial, LLP. She is a networker, mover and shaker with a midwife anointing to travail for the “manifestation" of the invisible things of the Kingdom of God until they become current reality. Audrey operates in all of the 5-fold ministry gifts and believes the marketplace pillar is an expansion of the Kingdom of God, ripe for the harvest.

Having pastored for over eight years with a Kingdom emphasis, in obedience to God's call, she moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in March 2007, where she received the message and revelation of the Father's love and inner healing. She received greater revelation of God's love and compassion for His children through The Father’s House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Shiloh Place Ministries in Conway, South Carolina.

God called her to host Awakening Reality Weekend nationally and internationally to share the message of the Kingdom and His love to the spiritually hungry and thirsty, so they too can experience Kingdom living here on Earth. She mentors, coaches, teaches and is a public speaker with an emphasis on prophesying. God’s voice through her releases brings God–inspired, powerful, motivating messages and teachings with an apostolic anointing, prophetically releasing audiences to pursue their destinies, through the revelation of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

She previously served as an Elder at The Father’s House International Outreach Church located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In April 2013, Audrey was ordained an Apostle under Dr. Samuel Rivers, Jr., Pastor of The Voice of the Lord International Ministries in North Charleston, South Carolina, where she served. She united with Ignite Ministries in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2015. She is a certified Christian Life Coach and will be releasing her first book soon.

After sitting under the ministry of Glory of Zion from September 2016 to January 2017, Audrey was commissioned again by Apostle/Prophet Chuck Pierce. His Kingdom Reality is aligned with Glory of Zion and other ministries that are aligned with GZI.  Audrey travels nationally and internationally sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Audrey is a mother of four with many spiritual children, and also has five beautiful granddaughters.


Cyndi Gibson, loving daughter of the King, was born in California. Cyndi, an intercessor, and knee in the body of Christ, serves in many capacities for the Kingdom.  She was born and raised in So Cal, moved to Henderson, NV as a nanny; ventured to the New Orleans area of Louisiana until Hurricane Katrina blew her and her son, Ryan, to Baltimore, MD., with two suitcases a piece. She completed her Associate’s degree in IT/Computer Networking at ITT Technical Institute, in Charlotte, NC.  In 2012, The Lord called her to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Cyndi met Audrey at The Father’s House, where she served in several capacities, such as media coordinator, children’s church team member. Cyndi also serves as the Treasurer for International Networx, Inc. where she functions as the financial network link between missionaries in foreign countries and their supporters all over the world.  She previously operated as the video administrator for TentpegTV, a local internet platform for local ministries in Myrtle Beach. She is once again the Admin for His Kingdom Reality Ministries International team and previously served as the Registration Coordinator, assisting with hosting the Awakening Reality Weekends for both men and women. In 2014, she was also ordained as Pastor..  Cyndi currently lives in Lafayette, Louisiana and is moving to the New Orleans area in the next month.  

Audrey Hosley

Cyndi Gibson

His Kingdom Reality is a non-profit organization, devoted to spreading the love of Jesus to all cultures, through the simplicity of Jesus’ message, "repent" [change your mind], for the Kingdom of God is here". The ministry believes that “seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness" will open the fullness of "all things added" (Matt 6:33). Thus, this is the ministry mandate for the hour.


His Kingdom Reality believes that as others are empowered to know their identity in Christ and fulfill their God-given destinies, the ministry will, only then, fulfill its destiny of equipping the body of Christ. His Kingdom Reality desires to reach the hurting and lost with deposits of love, hope and faith, while teaching others through demonstration, the reality of the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is through impartation by revelation, sons and daughters are living a full spirit-empowered life right here on earth. With this "Kingdom reality" mindset, families, neighborhoods, communities, counties, cities, states, governments and nations are being changed!