We greet you in the victorious name of our Lord, Savior, and returning King, Yeshua Messiah! 

It is by divine appointment today that you have entered into the recovery zone - His Kingdom Reality! This is a servant ministry birthed out of travail, severe loss and broken pieces – with a mandate to reach as many as possible who are trapped in the caves of Adullum in their soul, mind and/or emotions. Yes, some are even trapped physically within.


If you find yourself trapped, in distress, spiritually bankrupt, discontent and seemingly stuck or feeling hopeless, then the message of deliverance and victory through Yeshua Messiah is for you!

Our destiny assignment through this Mountaintop ministry is to encourage, equip, empower, exhort and embrace you as a new creation in Christ. Our call is to restore, and transform lives through prophesy, intercession, revelatory Bible teaching, inner healing and deliverance. We believe in using the sword of the Spirit – the Word of God as Holy Spirit reveals Truth and transform hearts. Everything you have gone through in your life is significant and purposeful to get you to a place called Destiny. God still has His hands on you, and there is room for miracles, signs and wonders, angelic visitations, dreams and visions and encounters with Holy Spirit! Get ready to live from the glory realms you are seated in Yeshua Messiah!!!


There is always hope and help for you to excel in this new upcoming Hebraic year 5781. Ephesians 4:3-6 declares The YEAR OF ONE... One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One God and Father of all, Who is over all, and through all, and in all! 


Rise up into heavenly realms and dimensions of glory you were created to reign from. This is your time and your season. LOOK UP, COME UP – Your Redeemer is near!!

Remember, Yeshua loves you and has made all things possible! All things are being restored and returned through Him and to Him. Be encouraged and filled with Him who is releasing shalom blessings!

Loving you in Messiah,

His Kingdom Reality International, LLC

Contact: His Kingdom Ministries, International   *   Myrtle Beach, SC   *      c2hiskingdomreality@gmail.com